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ToyFare magazine Jazwares prototypes

Photo credit: Scan discovered by SonicHedgehog11 and scanned by KururuSouchou

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This is a scanned page from ToyFare magazine. Jazwares let them in on some of the upcoming things they're making. The text is mostly things you already know, like the JUVI being available at the booth and how TRU still has an exclusive on all their JUVIs. The real show stealer here, you can already see....

LOOK AT THAT THING! Who has seen a Metal Sonic ANYthing that awesome EVER? Answer: no one. Look at the texture! There's more there than there was in the games! It's amazing! Even if you don't like MS or think he's not super mega cool you can't deny this figure. It's a big 10 inches too! This thing is going to be totally outrageously collectible. EVERYone is going to want one. If the real thing comes out anything like this Jazwares has really outdone themselves. If the sculpt is this good even bad paint couldn't ruin him because that can be corrected. Totally amazing.
The other really sweet news is the Knuckles on the page too. Many people mistake him for a super poser but He's an UPGRADED 3inch figure. Upgraded...to include articulation that could actually trick people into thinking he was a super poser...at only 3 inches. That's another huge kick! Want to see the final Knuckles 3 inch? He is on Jazwares Small Line.
This is especially exciting because the final 'early info' was that the 3 inch line would contain tons of chars, including ones who never had a figure. If they're all as articulated the 3 inch line will rock for sure. Yes, the Knuckles is a prototype too, you can see they didn't paint his shoes all the way.
See the final of this figure on Jazwares General with full review & final box, plus the photo turn arounds. Since this is an unpainted figure, it will remain on prototypes. It is available at Toys R Us in 2009.
What is the JUVI saying? It claims to be a fan of Soundwave the Transformer.


Additional Info

  • Region: Unknown
  • Brand: Jazwares


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