Sonic Resaurus 10th anniversary prototypes

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ReSaurus had lots of plans they never got to complete because they went out of business.
This is actually a photo of a poster they produced, to announce a set of 10th Anniversary Sonic figures. The set never happened though, because they went out of business before it could ever be made.
The poster itself is rather odd. It's a mish-mash of their own photos but it just looks like it was thrown together. Tails has his ring and stand...but no one else does. How were you supposed to know what the figures came with? 3 of the figures are re-releases with the odd one out being E...because he was on line 2. BUT if you look closely, it says "E 102 Alpha" not 'gamma'...though this robot looks exactly the same. (In the game they were different colors and some looked different as well, with accessories etc)
The Sonic is called "Golden Sonic" which once again shows companies' obsession with dipping regular Sonic into gold paint to try and extract more money from the same figure. They didn't even try to make him "Super"...but they don't CALL him that either, which is
a good move. Also note, that's likely not even a photo of whatever end-product 'gold Sonic' they were going to have, as it looks like a photo of their first Sonic figure that someone has applied a very simplistic yellow photoshop filter to.

Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Resaurus


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