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Jazwares Big the Cat prototype

Photo credit: ToyNewsI

Tags: Prototype Jazwares Big the Cat

This is a fully painted Big the Cat prototype figure. It appears retail ready, but is labeled as pending Sega's approval. However, it is likely the final release will look
the same, as really, no one can seem to spot any problems with him or why he wouldn't be approved. For some reason, he is to scale while all of their other figures on the 3.75 inch line clearly were not. Why start now? Does this mean future figures will all be scaled too? The figure itself looks fantastic, especially in-scale as it is. He looks to have all the same joints as the rest of the line (even the knee, if you look closely appears to be jointed despite his stubby legs) His hands are pretty dynamic as well, and the one hand suggests he could hold a fishing pole, if they accessorize the figure at all. In all, this is a very good first look at this figure, which looks quite promising no matter if you are a Big the Cat fan or not. 

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