Jazwares prototype plushes

Photo credit: Berzerker

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These mini plushes appeared alongside the new All Stars Racers figures at the toy fair. They're labeled as prototypes, so they belong in here. If the actual released dolls look the same, this image will move. In what seems to be becoming a tradition with Jazwares, these aren't exactly the same as the plushes that were already released. This set attempts to 'fix' some of the problems the earlier ones have, but how good a job they do is really up for debate. Shadow's face is still awful/flat, but they have moved his eyes up and outward (as the first one was a tad cross-eyed) The oddly shaped feet don't seem improved, and Sonic's ears are still on the sides of his head. Again, the Werehog remains their best piece on this line. Should they have simply worked larger where it's easier to get patterns looking nice? Despite their efforts, these still aren't the best plushes. 

Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Jazwares


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