This is a "Mock Up". It is different from a prototype, in that it's just an ILLUSTRATION of what they would LIKE to do in the future. This shows their plan for the Super Hedgehogs 3 pack, and how it is different from the final version. First, the box is quite plain, with no art, and no die-cutting. Then, the embossing on the top is also an illustration, along with the PROPERLY colored chaos emeralds. (note the light blue one at the bottom!) You can also see that they took photos of their regular Silver, Shadow & Sonic, and then re-colored them yellowish to make them look "Super" even though they hadn't made the actual figures yet. Remember, it's just an illustration. The biggest difference is in that little was orignally supposed to have a case for the chaos emeralds! You can see a little blue box in the back, perhaps illustrating part of it. Isn't that interesting?


Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Jazwares


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