Sonic through time Mockup figure

Photo credit: Berzerker & SonicRetro

Tags: Mockup Jazwares

For Sonic's 20th Anniversary, Jazwares launches "Sonic Through Time" figure collection. This means classic-styled figures with modern-level articulation for everyone to collect. Here, you can see some of the box art/styles that they want to use. (note Green Hill Zone sunflower, and '1991') The figure itself is pretty classic looking, though someone clearly did not know how to assemble it. Not only are the hands wrong (backward!) but so are his shoes. The buckle is on the inside instead of the outside. Who is it that can't tell their own right from left that was allowed to assemble this? In light of their 'fall-apart-figures' and cash-wasting errors you'd think they'd want to take better care with anything they display. 

Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Jazwares


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