Sonic through time eggman prototoype

Photo credit: Berzerker & SonicRetro

Tags: Eggman Jazwares Prototype 20th anniversary

Well, if there's Sonic through time, why not Eggman through time too? At the top is the classic Eggman (which they're calling Robotnick as that was the era where they re-named him for 'western' audiences--the era where it was ok to arbitrarily change anything from a game) Below, you can see Eggman with 2 more modern (EggFighter) robots. Does this mean 3 toys in every package? Tails appears single-card style with some 'caterkiller-like' badnick in the background. DOES this mean the release of actual badnick figures? Notice the "20th Anniversary" dot sticker on each thing in the line. 

Additional Info

  • Region: USA
  • Brand: Jazwares


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