At the first toyfair of 2011 (in the USA) Jazwares shows off their plans for the Sonic 20th Anniversary Celebration. Notice that each box has the 20th sticker on it, & has a checkered theme. Note that these are just Mock-Ups. There are NO figures in these boxes, it's just Sega art pasted into the packaging as a stand-in to show what they want to do. They're all also just labeled "__& Badnick" even though the badnicks were named in the game. Classic figures are paired with classic enemies, & the same for the modern ones.

In the gallary is a closer shot at several of the 2-packs. There will likely be 'classic & modern' versions of each character who HAS such. (See Silver up there? He has no classic, nor will Shadow) Will they eventually name the badniks?
Shadow with GUN Beetle * Knuckles with Egg-Pawn
Tails with Sonic Colors version of Caterkiller are shown here.

This is Jazwares' Display Booth for Toyfair 2011. You can see at the bottom their selection of already-released/current figures including plushes, 10 inch Metal Sonic, Racers & single-card figures. Super Posers join the bunch, and they seem to have tacked some dolls to the wall (??) Most everything else seems to be just a mock-up of empty package+art. It looks like some kind of large modern Sonic will appear (why? They've already done 10 inch Sonic) A Sonic & Amy classic 2 pack, some of the 3 packs (Seen above at the UK show) and mysterious colored disks (bottom right) 2011 is def. shaping up to be an interesting year in Sonic figures.

What else can you spot in these photos?

  • Sonic with Spina
  • Silver with Iblis Biter
  • Classic Sonic with Motobug
  • Classic Tails with Grabber
  • New Diorama pack with Classic Sonic in the sky may also come with modern Sonic.
  • Comic Book Pack with Shadow and an issue of Sonic Universe--has to be one of the Shadow Arc it had. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America
  • Brand: Jazwares


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