Flocked Sonic & giant classic Sonic prototypes

Photo credit: Fuzzy photo discovered by: Taaron, classic by BrandonTH.

Tags: Jazwares 20th anniversary Flocked 10 inch 2011

Here are more early shots of what Jazwares is planning for the 20th Anniversary figure release. At left, you can see "Flocked Sonic" (who's edge had only been visible before) This appears to be their 10 inch Sonic, but coated with 'flocking' which is where tiny fibers are adhered to an item with glue. The close-up shows the texture of the figure. The beige areas will not be fuzzy. This is said to be a 2011 Comic Con exclusive from their booth. (like the JUVI Metal Sonic) BUT hopefully like the Juvi, he'll be available online afterward for fans who couldn't make it.

In the gallary is their Classic Sonic (seen above, unpainted) but with the intended paint job. As usual for them at this stage, he looks great. The dot-shaped body didn't stop them from keeping his waist-swivel, and the eye positioning seems fine. These are shaping up to be cool figures. If the finals look the same, these photos will move to the appropriate Jazwares Page. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America
  • Brand: Jazwares


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