Jazwares prototype photos from a toy show

Photo credit: A Cat

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These are Jazwares photos from a toy show / preview. You can see what they wanted the Classic/Modern 20th Anniversary figures to be like...and each is represented by a cardboard cut-out stock art placed in the box, as the figure hadn't been made yet. They're all also labeled "___ & badnick" even though like, Iblis Biter wasn't really considered 'a badnik' , it was merely a stand-in name, as is common with these things.
The real attraction here is the tin, in the lower left. It's mixed up, as it has modern Sonic for the box art, but the tin is classic. Also, the 'Sonic in fireball' shape with checkered background never appeared. The item above it is a promo card type thing for use in the booth. Note that it shows Yakker (but no Yakker items were made) were they planning to release him at some point? It also has FreeRiders Jet as a regular (non RC) figure. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America
  • Brand: Jazwares


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