Sega Heronies Collection

Photo credit: SonicTeam

Tags: Japan Keychain

This is a little ad / announcement for the "Sega Heronies Collection" , which appears to be a set of collectible keychains or possibly flat phone charms. They have put together famous female characters from Sega games for fans to collect. In the top corner you can see fighting game girl "Honey" (Remember Sonic the fighters un-released fighter "Honey the Cat"? That's the character/costume she was to be based off of.) In the top right is Nagisa, from Phantasy Star Portable: Infinity (which never had a USA release on PSP, or any Sonic content on it--unlike the other PS games) Bottom left has Elenor, from Phantasy Star Online (which DID have Sonic content) Then, of course you can spot Space Channel 5 Ulala...and the reason this is here is...Amy Rose (of course!) makes an appearance. What will the final items look like? How will they be sold? 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia
  • Brand: Sega


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