Amy & Shadow prototype plushes

Photo credit: Goclone999

Tags: Plush Amy Rose Shadow the Hedgehog Prototype

Here are 2 prototype Jazwares plushes, appearing at a toy show. As you can tell by the background items, they're larger than the JW mini plush line (especially Shadow) This means Shadow appears to have much better construction (no lame "popeye" wrists or fat ankles, better head shape & etc) however, this IS a prototype. Their original "Big Sonic" looked much better in their own photos then he ever did on the shelf.
The Amy Rose had very well better be a prototype...because she's missing her socks & her shoes are totally blank. They're clearly trying for Classic Amy, but she's not quite up to where she should be (even other makers have better classic Amys at this point) Hopefully they improve her before release. 

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