Toy Network prototype plush

Photo credit: AskLiliumLily

Tags: Prototype Plush Toy Network 18 inch

The tag is marked for approval Sept. 2002. Plushes are 18 inches high.

This is an unusual type of prototype...the marked prototype. With the tag at the right, you can see that the right-side doll was something sent to Sega to approve the design of, before the doll went into production. But who made these? Yes, it IS the nefarious "Toy Network"! Apparently, they were good at plushes at some point??

Early in their plush making career, TN apparently cared at least a little about quality. Do note that somehow he did get by with just 3 fingers, though. Aside from the 3 fingers, and flopped down ears, the plushes are decent. The proto one has stickers over oval eye-blanks, while the final's are printed to the plastic. The mouths, spike angles, shoe-stuffing levels are also different between the proto & production doll. No wonder they were able to get approved with this plush, it's actually decent in both forms. 

Additional Info

  • Region: America
  • Brand: Toy Network


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