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    Sonic Adventure rent it now sign In the time of Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 1, video rental stores were still a big place to go for games. Here, Hollywood Video has a cardboard big size floor standee with SA1 Sonic & the Dreamcast logo. It has "Rent it Now" emblazoned across his shoe/the front, and a logo…
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Metal Sonic 10 inch prototype

Photo credit: Photo discovered by JShedgehog but aquired by Visiontoys.

Tags: Metal Sonic Prototype Jazwares

Here's a picture of JUST the box for the upcoming 10 Inch Metal Sonic Jazwares figure. It should be noted that there is no figure inside, that's just a piece of art that they have photoshopped into it to give you an idea of where the figure will fit. Inner packing isn't shown either. The box looks like a decent enough one, with mostly clear sides with card corners and solid back. If this does end up as the final release box, hopefully they're treated well as this figure promises to be highly collectible, and the large windowing can be a bit touchy. 
The final box did NOT end up matching this box, so this photo will always remain a 'prototype' since the box itself was never produced looking like this. Want to see the real box? Its on Jazwares General.

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