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    3 rectangular items
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The NorthWest Company prototype plush

Photo credit: The Shniz Nite (TheSegaCollector)

Tags: Plush Prototype 2013

Here's a prototype plush that will stay that way.
It is from "The NorthWest Company", who produces plush & blankets and pillows, generally. This classic style Sonic doll was meant to be with the blanket you see under him. It's that 'fleecy' material that has the design all the way through. It features lots of different stock art for classic Sonic.
They released one plush & blanket combo to stores like FYE, & this was to be their 2nd try at him...but look at the back of the head: the spikes are really sparse & thin. It doesn't look good. His forehead is also really small & low.

He's also got a case of 'big body' going on, as it is nearly the size of his head. The shoes are also quite burgundy! They're not red, they're much darker than that & the hands are really small as well. This prototype was from a carton of things they made 'first drafts' of, but then never got released. It's just as well though, since the plush doll isn't that great looking. (Although the blanket is fun) They were trying to base him on the more 'American-type' design, but it didn't quite succeed. This was supposed to be for 2013 or so, after the others were 2011/2012. 


Additional Info

  • Year: 2013
  • Region: America
  • Brand: The NorthWest Company


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