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    An official player's guide to Sonic the Hedgehog
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Sonic Boom Sonic & Eggman Prototypes

Photo credit: PatMac

Tags: Unpainted Sonic Boom Eggman Prototype

More unpainted figure previews! There's no telling which size either of these are, Tomy never included an item for size reference. They also didn't tag anything with specs. The Sonic figure at left looks decent. The bandages & bandana are sculpted on, not just painted. The bracelet is present as well. Notice that none of these figures, neither the 3 nor the 5 inch have elbow or knee joints. Tomy favors a simpler figure with worse articulation than Jazwares. They will likely be sturdier, but much less pose-able.
Interestingly, Eggman is painted, but the Egg-o-Matic is not. It's re-designed for Boomstyle as well, it's open in the back, smaller, and he can't sit in it. There's a gun of some kind built into the front. It is likely to have wheels, though they are hard to see in the photo. (notice it is not sitting directly on top of the clear acrylic stand.

From what you can see of him in the small photo, he looks pretty show accurate. The poster in the background was part of the booth. The Sonic is likely to be the 3 inch scale one. 

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  • Region: America


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