• Movie Sonic Ad in Sega Heroes
    Movie Sonic Ad in Sega Heroes
    Phone games/tablet games etc. are known for being quick turn-arounds.These agile-type games can be changed much more quickly with content than PC or consoles, so they can fast-reflect changes/ads and events. That's the case with the "Sega Heroes" game who's panels are seen here. This game mixes around all of…
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Collection of Unpainted Sonic Boom Figures

Photo credit: discovered by PatMac & The UltimateHedgehog

Tags: Unpainted Sonic Boom

A collection of unpainted figures! Notice that the Eggman also has something on his wrist as well. These are a bit small/distant so it's slightly hard to tell what's going on. Both 3 and 5 inch figures are pictured here. Look above the Knuckles on the far right side. That's an un painted vehicle of some sort. It looks like a finned skateboard with wheels. What could that be for? Is it an accessory that will come with him, or a separate 'vehicle' item? 

Additional Info

  • Region: America


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