• Sonic the cool blue dude
    Sonic the cool blue dude
    A Card Game of "The Cool Blue Dude". The image on the front is Japanese. Does anyone have images of the cards themselves? The cards were quite high quality, similar to Pokemon cards, & are about 8 inches in length & 5 inches wide.The default game is chancy & random,…
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Movie Sonic Prototype

Photo credit: GamingChiliHedgehog

Tags: Movie Sonic Prototype Plush

Tomy was originally set to make the movie-baby plush, and this is the prototype of the doll. As you can see on Page 1 Movie, it didn't end up looking exactly like this. This has the eyes quite up and also crossed. There is a strip of blue on the lower face area, and the mouth is set in.

It looks like they've given him cloven feet...or two toes? He does not appear to have fingers. The ears are low set but not as low as that terrible tail?? It's almost between the legs with how low it is. The tag front is ordinary, but the back, as you can see above, is not. It repeats in every language 'the color and style may vary'. So, it is clearly also a prototype tag. Photo & owned by GamingChiliHedgehog

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