• Sonic Christmas Blast
    Sonic Christmas Blast
    This is the DVD box for "Sonic Christmas Blast".After both SatAm Sonic & Adventures of Sonic (Weekday Sonic) were off the air, this strange "holiday special" was produced. It was animated in the style of AOSTH (wacky, with abstract backgrounds) & was clearly meant to take place in that universe.…
    in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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This is the "Classic Style Tin Tote Sonic".
However, it's not so much a tote bag as it is a metal lunch box style box. Is this the size of a usual metal lunch box? It works the same, with hard plastic handle on wire hinges, and metal flip-closed latch with hinge on the bottom.
The design here is jazzy with checkers, different size squares, stars & Green Hill Zone patterned edges. It uses a new for 2016 neo-classic Sonic art that's nice & big splashed across the front. There's a finger-waving portrait of him on the side of the box. The over-all feel of the design has a nice action look.
This box is by "Vandor" a new classic-license company for 2016. A box like this is good for more than just lunch! Cards, art supplies, toys & more can be stored in here. This is a cool classic styled item.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2016
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Vandor


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