• Fun4All Posable Sonic plush
    Fun4All Posable Sonic plush
    SegaToys wasn't the only one to make a posable Sonic plush. This one was made in 2000 by Fun4All. While not quite of the calibur of the SegaToys one it's still a decent plush. In both shots it's held up by the bottle, but it is clearly quite posable, and…
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Where to put your Sonic pens? In this 2-sided Sonic themed plastic hard pen case. It likely has a magnetic closure, with plenty of space for supplies. It's decorated on all sides with some great art. You can see the Death Egg at the bottom, with classic eggman, Super Sonic, 2 different poses for Metal Sonic, plus some nicely shaded Japan stock art. This is a wonderfully detailed early pen case to collect! It was made in 1993. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 1993
  • Region: Asia


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