• Winter-wierd "Costume Hoodie"
    Winter-wierd "Costume Hoodie"
    Winter-wear....winter-wierd!This hoodie is an oddity. It's called "Costume Hoodie", and it comes off as rather strange instead of cool. The hood features one of those 'screen-fabric' "Masks" like some of the super hero hoodies that were a fad. This is a mesh with a design printed on it. When the…
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Isn't this a charming yellow bag? This is an older bag (may or may not have shoulder straps) as noted by the "Segasonic" branding at the top. It has the very seldom-seen "Sitting Sonic" art. With his hands clasped and sitting still, he looks rather cute and totally classic-fun. When you lift up the flap, the art is printed under it too. Bag is likely to be uncommon.

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  • Region: Asia


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