• Becoe and Decoe cameo in Omega & Epsilon
    Becoe and Decoe cameo in Omega & Epsilon
    Quick! Say the names of the characters you see in this picture!Did you say Bocoe & Decoe from Sonic X? If you did, you would be... somewhat wrong because this is a surprise reverse...cameo? The robots you are looking at here are actually Omega & Epsilon from TMS Hasshin. What's…
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Metal pencil cases

Photo credit: SonicTeam

Tags: Pencil Case Japan

These are metal pencil cases / pen boxes. Look at the one in the top left, it matches the sharpener above. (mini Sonic on one side, Sonic vs. Metal on the other) The next ones are Sonic Adventure themed, and the last is the Sonic X one. The interior is shown there, as it's divided and also has more art & writing in the lid part. 

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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