• Various Sonic PJs
    Various Sonic PJs
    Owned by ShadougeOwned by ShadougeHere are two pairs of PJs that only have the classic style "Sonic spinning" stock art. The left mixes up color & b/w art over a green/white checkered background, while the right pair has red/white checkered background & red drawstrings. Repeated all over, Sonic himself becomes…
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Sonic Floppy Disk Labels

Photo credit: SonicTeam

Tags: Floppy Disk Japan

This is a pack of Floppy Disk Labels. The disks were small square things of about 3 or so inches each that held 1.44 MB of data. Since quite a few things would fit on there, it was important to keep it written down on a list-hence, the need for these labels. Are the little character heads on the side stickers too? Laughin' Eggman is a fun appearance. Look at the tiny Tornado under Super Sonic's feet. With clever little graphics all around, what looks like a phrase/slogan of some sort & good space to write what's on your disk, these 3 sheets of labels seem like a good idea. 

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  • Region: Asia


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