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    Funko Pop Sonic Shirt
    Is funko Sonic classic or modern? His eyes aren't green but he's not very chubby so it can be both. What you see here is a combination item!Funko brings a combo item to store shelves in the summer of 2018. These arcade cabinet shaped boxes contain a tee shirt &…
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In 2008, The Sonic Channel re-released some Stationery that you could buy. You can see the dolls holding onto it here for their display photo. It also appears to have a little 'scribble Sonics' sticker sheet. There is text on the main blue piece.
It says:
"Sonic the Hedgehog is always on the move - but ____* his mission, goodheartedly when found saving the world is all in a day's work - to go to his next adventure.
do anything in his power to protect until the job is done."
*The missing word was too small to be read. Photo discovered & info w/translation by Fueled By Chaos

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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