• Sonic tall plastic cup
    Sonic tall plastic cup
    Here's a tall plastic cup, with wrap around design.The whole background is checkered in black and gray. It's pretty old, at 1991, and has a super chubby style jumping Sonic stock art on the front. Look at where they put the line for his back! The back of the cup…
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Sonic R style metal tin

Photo credit: Hikari Site

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Here's some old-school...school supplies. The big square is actually a metal tin of colored pencils produced by Tombo. It says "Segasonic" at the top, but features the Sonic R CG art. (Probably one of the last things to feature the 'segasonic' label)
Beside the pencil set are 3 erasers. The top is the "Sonic vs Metal Sonic" white eraser in glossy full color paper cover, the next has the logo...

but you can't really tell what else is going on because the photo is so small and old. The last eraser is different than the other 2, in that it is a shape eraser (without a paper cover) and it has the design printed directly onto it (running Sonic with his name below in red. 

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