• Sega Mega Drive Sonic Phone card
    Sega Mega Drive Sonic Phone card
    Before the popularity of mobile phones, phone cards were a big deal. These plastic cards had phone minutes on them...and when you used up all the time, you could collect the card much like a sports-card. (only they are made of plastic) Quite a few Sonic theme cards were produced,…
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Sonic Adventure Post Card Tags: Postcard Japan

A mint in the package post card!
This could be in a clear wrapper because it's actually a set of multiple post cards...or...someone could have just shrink-wrapped a single card. It's a Sonic Adventure 1 promoting item, with the logo 'watermarked' really big on the back along with the Dreamcast logo. The front has that 'circular walking' sort of odd Sonic popularized via SA1 promoting, the Life of Power quote (small) above his name. It's otherwise pretty plain.

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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