• Sonic the Hedgehog 3 game guide
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 game guide
    Is this Sonic 3 guide by the same company as the S&K guide above? It seems likely. This one proclaims "Official Super Sonic tips for SegaManiacs" are inside, but the quality of the book is unknown. Also, is it really official? (the title skates around it a bit)
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3 mystery folders

Photo credit: Hikari/SITE

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Supposedly, these are folders.
Or, they could be 'binder divider' pages of some sort. However, there are no 3-ring holes to indicate either way. They are pretty much sure to be a school supply, though. The first is a fully shaded standing/arms crossed Sonic, the next is the famous (for being cool) fully shaded Sonic vs Metal Sonic that came out with Sonic CD & got onto absolute bunches of Japanese stuff, but then never really appeared elsewhere (a shame because the art was so cool to see especially in that era) and the third has Sonic & Knuckles and some kind of small...chart? This is all the larger the photo ever was. It is from a now defunct small collection site that closed in 2014 or so. You can write in for credit if you can clear up what these are.

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