• Charge Sonic & Shadow Sonic X shirt
    Charge Sonic & Shadow Sonic X shirt
    This shirt has a bit of perspective in the art with 'charge Sonic' stock being applied quite large and spilling off the edge for a 'near' look while Shadow is overlapped slightly into the background for a 'far' look. Again, it's a good and interesting use of the art to…
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Here is a better look at an item from 'joypolis shelf' photo earlier.
It is a Wisp theme file folder for school. It's a thicker plastic, probably slightly transparent item to keep your papers safe from bends. It has a colorful pattern of Sonic Colors Wisps all over it. You can even see included the dark/bad wisp too. Not all wisps are shown facing forward. The Sonic in the corner is cute, he's done in the cutie style that they labeled "Emoji Style", so he's simplified. Notice the lack of eye color and kind of a combo between modern & classic style. With simplified wisps, he looks right in place running along the cover. This is a cute and colorful folder which was only sold at Joypolis in Japan.

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia


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