• Sonic slipper socks
    Sonic slipper socks
    Here is a pair of Sonic slipper-socks.These are a thick and warm sock meant to be worn around the house instead of a full house-slipper. They go up past the ankle, and have a stretchy top. The pattern in this case, is on the bottom, because it doubles as the…
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A cool canvas bag!
This re-usable canvas tote type bag is neutral beige, with all blue ink for the design. It has the slogan "Faster than the speed of sound" written in tilted/blocky text. Overlapping part of the thext is the Sonic graphic, which is filled in with all blue, and uses cut-thru to the bag color for the line work.
This is LIKELY a new stock art/new pose for 2020, so it's neat to see. It's got Sonic turning as he runs, with one hand toward the ground. Where he overlaps the text, the design is cut-thru to the bag color so it will stand out. This is a dynamic design for the bag, hopefully it can appear on other merchandise. This is a 2020 item, probably from Cospa company.

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  • Region: Asia


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