• Shadow the Hedgehog mug
    Shadow the Hedgehog mug
    Another great design from GE!Here, Shadow is solo on a mug, a must have for Shadow fans. The design is actually really stylish too, nothing feels old or stale. They've got big (off the edge) twisting jump Shadow on the front with a swirling background, and his name spelled out…
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Cospa adds a thermos to their merchandise collection in fall of 2020.
This cylender shaped thermos is white (but is it pearly? Maybe?) made of metal, and has a screw cap lid. The design for it wraps part of the way around the front, and uses only blue ink on the white surface. It is the "Emerald Club" design that has appeared previously on a few other items. It has modern Tails, Sonic & Knuckles across the top, the letters "Emerald Club" spelled out in cursive over a ribbon and a diamond shape. In the shape is (naturally) a line art of a chaos emerald, and in the thin banner it says "Established 1991".
The design is pretty classy in only monochrome, and the characters balance out the detail of the lines/shading and writing. Without other designs all over, it prevents the thermos from looking too busy...but the wrapping of the single large design prevents it also from being boring too. So, it's an ok balance if you want a nice & quality thermos from Cospa.

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  • Region: Asia


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