• Sonic Air Chair
    Sonic Air Chair
    A Sonic Air-Chair! This is an inflatable chair to sit on while you play Sonic video games. Inflatable chairs were a sort of fad in the previous century, and this one's trying to make a comeback. Somewhat impractical, you can only sit on it if you weigh less than 100…
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Another skateboard, another rare exclusive small run item.
It's the same ol' story but with a different theme each time. And this time...it's here to celebrate the Hello Kitty & Sonic crossover that happened (what, like 3 years ago now??) when Sanrio collaberated with Sega to have plush dolls and keychains. There were a series of 4 little plush dolls (5 counting a gold Super Sonic released later) as well as keychain size plush. It had Hello Kitty dressed up as Sonic, Badz-Maru (a penguin) as Knuckles, Chocoat as Tails & My Melody (a rabbit) as Amy Rose.
Here, the skateboard is just the deck part, with the under-side all decorated with portraits of each little character standing on a floating shelf of GHZ land. There are also 2 gold rings on the empty shelves. The background is all blue checkers of varying sizes. It's a cute, solid design.
This is a quite-limited thing, there were only 50 of them made in 2021. It was made to be some kind of exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con--so you know it will end up quite rare and expensive. Items like these will go right onto someones' collection-wall. 

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  • Region: America


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