• Sonic the Fighters VHS
    Sonic the Fighters VHS
    This is a rare Japanese item. It is the cover to the "Sonic the Fighters" promotional video VHS tape. The tape may have been a non-wide-release. It was made to promote the arcade game, but could you really sell something like that? It's pretty long too, this is no 10-minute…
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Here is a set of pajamas that appear at Walmart in fall 2014. It's an all blue set with long sleeve top & 'micro raschel' type fuzzy pants. The pants have various Sonic & Shadow poses scattered over them (fabric may have been used before) The top mixes CG with stock art. The background & logo are CG, it looks like maybe something out of Generations? There's a totem-pole in the background & some checkered dirt, while Sonic & Shadow are stock art. The way they're positioned & the choice of art is kind of fun, Shadow is running & looking typically serious while Sonic is sort of ahead of him, leaping happily with a peace sign up. This set is 11.97 & has the "sega" paper tag that doesn't say what company made it.

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  • Region: America


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