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Yes it's another Target stores 2 piece PJ Set...
But it does bring something new. The tag that you can see here is new and rectangular. It announces that this is part of the "Comic Collection", which implies there may be more than 1 thing released with this theme. The theme is IDW Comics / it's art, as a pajama item. The top has a large art of running Sonic over a background of blue/tone comic panels. They're just overlapped & collaged so they don't make a story. There's no dialogue in them. If you look carefully though you can spot the IDW-exclusive character Tangle in one of the panels, but most of them show Sega characters.
The pants to it are yellow to match the big art border, thread-color & neck cuff. It has scattered modern Sonic as fairly small all-over graphics.
The look here is certainly fresh and dynamic, with him over the panel art/a big splashy graphic. The pants being Sonic-designed is also nice (some companies get lazy/have plain pants) This is a quite different looking set, and good for if you are a comic fan. This is a summer/fall 2021 Target exclusive.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Target


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