• Birthday Flanel
    Birthday Flanel
    This item is described as 'a flanel'.Yes but a flanel what? Flanel is a type of soft cloth but really what are you going to do with a cloth square? (if it's Sonic, collect it!)This was produced for Sonic's birthday in 2009, and it also promotes the moblie site for…
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Still more from Target in summer 2021, they just don't stop because...
"It's Go Time!" is the slogan on this 3 piece pajama set. It has a short sleeve top, blue pants and yellow shorts. The shorts are plain yellow with blue stitching & their only Sonic content is the modern logo as a patch on the waistband. The pants have a blue background, white bands of checkers & Sonic, Tails & Knuckles faces scattered over them. The top is...interesting. It has a gray body, blue sleeves & yellow collar. But look at the art...it's CG modern Sonic but he's only partially colored in for some reason? The color seems to randomly cut off at the bottom of his body leaving one hand as line-art along with his legs/feet so he looks a bit like a hovering torso. It still looks ok...but mixing CG with line art doesn't work as well as color vs non-color where it's just all art. This is in the kids section in summer 2021

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Target


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