• 2 Sega Shop Knuckles tees
    2 Sega Shop Knuckles tees
    The left one of these can probably both be a classic and a modern styled shirt. But since they were released together they get on the same page.  The Sega Shop website is bringing Knuckles tees to the table in 2018. They are in adults sizes only, but are 25…
    in Classic Clothing

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Kinda creepy?
This Bio World men's size black tee has Movie Sonic in a ring, but the CG is so poorly lit/in darkness on purpose that...the movie gremlin looks like it's reaching up out of a sewer or manhole-cover like a creepy clown might do. He's just kind of vaguely pointing at the viewer, reaching out from the darkness.
Notice that it's the exact same piece of CG art from the shirt above, but see how much the color/lighting changes the look of the art/changes the design. Neither one of these is fabulous but each one is strange in its own way. This is a winter 2020 item, and is about 25.00

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Bio World


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