• Sonic spinball photo frame
    Sonic spinball photo frame
    A photo frame is home decor...even if it is only made of cardstock. This cool frame can only be bought at Alton Towers hotel, after riding on the Sonic Spinball themed rollercoaster. Like many coasters, this one will take a photo of the riders which you can buy & frame…
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The summer of 2021 brings Hot Topic into the mix for movie tees.
This is an adult size tee in quite a dark gray. It has art of the movie gremlin instead of t he usual CG, in an attempt to make it look more appealing. They've got the details going like the generic/boring shoes and the case of 'big body'...but then look at them jimmying the face again. The art does everything in its power to make it more like actual Sonic (who is appealing) than the movie version. (Eye detail is changed to normal, head is tilted such that the split eye is minimized, hairyness is minimized, etc) The background here is a green grid pattern rectangle. The slogan "Slow Your Roll" is written in cursive along the side. It's 20 dollars to advertise the movie by buying this tee at Hot Topic.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America
  • Brand: Hot Topic


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