• Big Face Knuckles Snapback Cap
    Big Face Knuckles Snapback Cap
    This is called the "Big Face Knuckles Snapback Cap". It's a flat-bill baseball cap that's all red. It has a borderless Knuckles face on the front 2 panels of the cap, all done in embroidery. This is another of those 'the head is supposed to be Knuckles' head' type items.…
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Then "Baby-Ize-It"! That seems to be the philosophy here, with "Baby Sonic Movie Plush". At some point in the movie there will be a flashback to 'baby-Sonic', and of course they're going to make it 'goo goo cute' for screen time just so that....here comes a baby doll for the kids. It has toeless ball shaped feet (kinda odd?) small eyes, blue strip down the dog like muzzle, and a sort of beige 'finger area' despite... not having fingers? It's oddly dog-like from the side as well, and that strip of blue must have fallen out once it got older because that's not there in the final/'adult' or whatever you call the Sonic from the movie. Also note the lack of tail?
It's CANNON that Sonic (and probably everyone else) has NO TOES. Tails has no toes, neither does Amy. Big doesn't either, and since he's a cat & so is Blaze, then probably she is also toe-less. Who knows if movie has toes, but this doll sure doesn't. How well this will do, will likely depend on the movie. It should appear in Target around the time of the movie.


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