• Tomy plushes, Vector, Amy and Eggman
    Tomy plushes, Vector, Amy and Eggman
    Here are the first fan photos of these Tomy Plushes 'in the wild'. They're in a plush bin at a store. Rather than the stock photos the company has provided, this is what they'll look like when you find them. As you can see....they don't really live up to other…
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Movie Plushes

Photo credit: Keke B

Tags: Movie Sonic Plush 2020 Prize

More movie plushes have been discovered in March 2020.
Here are 2 different sizes of him and....it's almost basically modern Sonic with blue arms at this point?
For these plushes, they've either got the nose sewn up between the eyes to divide them, or the eyes may actually just be the normal mono-eye / cylopian thing that actual Sonic is supposed to have. The ears don't have the peach color inside...which looks like a genuine mistake because the movie-Sonic does have the ear color & so does other merchandise. The feet are small/the plain lace up shoes from the movie, & the gloves have the larger cuff/plus blue arms and center mouth with the much lowered eye top area. Maybe the fabric is furrier than usual but it's interesting to see these changes in the design making it into the merchandise like plush dolls (which have quite a manufacturing lead-time / you can't shift these last minute because of patterning issues) These were both claw machine prizes. 

Additional Info

  • Year: 2020
  • Region: International


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