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    Sonic Megalite
    This is the Sonic Megalite, by LiteForce/Tech4Kids. It's a non-pose-able Sonic figure with white LED light in a ring, in his hand. You can use him as a sort of night light or flash light, as it's pretty bright. The figure looks decent here in the package, but is the…
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Movie Sonic Prop

Photo credit: GinyuForceFan DBZ

Tags: Movie Sonic

Here are some props!
They're not movie merchandise, but they were part of the movie itself. These are hand made special effects props used in the movie. They were for scenes when he was faced away from the camera, and also used for the actors. This 'life size' doll would be placed in the scenes so the people would know what he looked like and have something to talk to and act with to make the job easier.
Here, you can see someone is having fun by putting a cowboy hat on him along with a red bath robe (look at those little monkey hands...) while the other photo has the doll prop being put together / in process of being worked on. So, it is missing the hands, is propped on foam, and partially wrapped in plasticwrap. It is interesting to see behind the scenes. 

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