• Sonic Nanco Nancy 38 inch doll
    Sonic Nanco Nancy 38 inch doll
    This big plush here is the Nanco Nancy 38 inch size Sonic doll. Nanco Nancy makes win-able prize plushes for things like carnival games and arcades. Since they're not paid for directly by the consumer, but rather win-able they have to be made inexpensivly. Usually that leads to a poor…
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Build A Bear is for building more than just bears (and has been for quite some time)
So they're always looking for popular tie-ins to make plushes for. They've done Sonic before, and he turned out ok (seen on USA Plushes) because the store uses quite good quality fabric, nice embroidery, stuffing, and has extras like his ring, sound effects & other stuff. But then here's...this.
No doubt there's solid construction & it's super soft but it's...super odd? They're gimmicking off 'baby Sonic' because of the supposed cuite pie appeal that was supposed to transcend the gremlin-monkey design. Build a Bear is kind of taking it back to the bear-roots here because it looks like a teddy bear that's blue. The giant lower face, tiny ears, and mitten hands that are somehow flesh tone in one set of photos but then white in the other? Is it gloves or hands? Then the feet-bottoms are red which...they super probably weren't in the movie.
To further the dress-up-dolly appeal (that all their stuff has as a matter of course = upsells) you can buy for him movie logo branded tie sneakers, a PJs with Sonic & rings/logos print, a little tee shirt with a picture of regular movie Sonic on it, and, in the last photo the stuffed gold ring (re-used from the first doll they did--which is not a problem it is actually an opportunity to pick the ring up if you missed it the first time) It can't be said that effort wasn't applied to this, but it's up to if people thought the baby in the movie was cute whether or not this plush would be desirable.

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