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    Expert Software product catalog
    Is this a magazine?Sort of. It's the "Expert Software" product catalog. It may be a 'trade' which is an industry only publication (for stores, not for the public) It came out around the time of Sonic CD, as you can see there with the Sonic graphic. This is another of…
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In 2021, they release the Sonic Movie on DVD & Blu Ray.
This is the Blu Ray & DVD Digital version, that's the "Limited Collector's Edition" for it. It has a bright yellow box with, of course, running movie Sonic and some blue zap energy rays plus the logo at the bottom. He's not 'hidden as usual' in darkness on the box as he often is with other merchandise. But with the mouth open a little bit and the angle he looks a little more like a deranged beaver.
It also has packaged inside some 'collectible art cards' of which there are 4, which is all just him but with varying light and dark backgrounds.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2021
  • Region: America


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