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    SegaSonic notebook
    "Dr. Eggman used his evil technology to transform Sonic's friends into robots that he controlled" (The interior of the book says the same thing on every page) This is a Sonic notebook. It uses both stock arts, and art from the Sonic Screen Saver (a large selection of whimsical or…
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If you pre-ordered the Movie you would get this version seen here.
It's the usual Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital copy of the movie with the typical poster as the cover where you have Jim Carrey as the star in the gold ring with his robots and then Sonic at the bottom running on a road.
The thing to note is that sticker there in the bottom left of the package. It announces that you will get a Limited Edition Sonic Comic that's packaged only with this version of the movie. 

In the gallary here is the mini comic that's packaged with it. And... BIG SURPRISE! It DOESNT use Movie Sonic in it! It copies the sprite from the game ending (cover), throws the movie logo on it and titles it "The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord".
It has glossy cardstock for the covers, and feels good quality. You could likely only get it if you pre ordered at Best Buy stores, or got it on "Home Media Launch Day" for the movie itself. That makes it fairly exclusive, so it may end up being a rare or uncommon item.
But what's it like?

The interior is also done with sprites and modified sprites because that's easy to do. So is taking Green Hill backgrounds out of games & re-working them. But notice how the Sonic is NEVER movie-style in this even though it is literally supposed to be 'movie Sonic'. There are probably a few reasons for it and none of them reflect really well on anything. So let's look at them on purpose.
The comic had to be made quickly and cheaply, so being given free reign over Sega's art-assets is the best way to just slap something together with those 2 criteria. That's probably the #1 reason for this. (Of course the design over-haul may have also propelled that as a choice but that's cut from the same faulty cloth)
Then, also likely: Movie Sonic is just not really that appealing even in the 'improved format' he still looks like a hairy gremlin that isn't nearly as cool & clean-line as any version of Sonic previously produced. It'd look terrible as pixel art, it's difficult and creepy to draw regular comic art of, so of course there are no art-assets that way of that design. But not having 'movie Sonic' in the 'Movie Sonic Comic' is really....dumb? Whatever the reason, here's this comic anyway. Plot explanation may be added in the future to this entry. 


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  • Year: 2020
  • Region: Europe


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