• Sonic Tweet Cards
    Sonic Tweet Cards
    These are Tweet Cards from "Sonic Tweet". It is a twitter application made by Sonic Team as part of the 20th anniversary celebration. It was at: (http://sonic-tweet.jp/login/index.html). It is all in Japanese and was not intended for western audiences, however it is so cool, there is a ton of Brittish…
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This tiny long sleever has different action shots of Sonic, and no sleeve logo. You can't find this in any reasonable size. This one is in my collection. The background is made of 12 inch tiles. Target $6.00+ ??


Another long sleeve shirt o' action poses. This one has a sleeve logo, though. This one is less common then the black one above. It can still be found on Ebay, but is small.


Gray long-sleeve with 4 portraits. More of the same HappyKids tiny fare. You can collect, but never wear. Target: $7.00-9.00


A shorts-set in soft cottony material. The shorts may have some Sonic related design other then the tag but.. These are still small, and fairly easy to find still. Also: not that expensive.


The "Target: $x.xx" that you see around are what you MIGHT be paying if you go to clothing department stores and buy the items yourself. Everyone knows that Ebay CAN be a place for bargains, but it is also a place where people buy things out of stores, and then jack up the prices. This isn't always the case, but the targets should help you buy reasonably. Don't be afraid to go a little over or under, as long as you know it's something you want, and are sure it's not a bootleg.



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