• Soap Shoes Sonic (korea)
    Soap Shoes Sonic (korea)
    It's the highly coveted "Soap Shoes Sonic!" This big, quality plush has the famous 'soap shoes' for rail grinding and is usually thought to have been a costly and not-long released Japan Only item. However, this photo from Korea along with the info is helping to prove otherwise. There, the…
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This yellow kids tee features the trio of Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, all in Boom style. Sonic is crouched/running forward, Knuckles is coming in with a raised fist, and Tails is flying in with a wrench there in the background. There are some black "grunge" type smudges/areas for the ground & a bit of background. The Boom logo is large at the top. This is likely only in kids sizes, and appears as a spring 2015 item. This can be found at Sears.


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