• "It's boom time!!!" T-Shirt
    "It's boom time!!!" T-Shirt
    A slogan tee with "It's Boom Time!!!" written in big green font was released in fall of 2015. It's either black or quite a dark navy blue short sleeve tee. This is a kids/teens size item. The square contains a CG background from the show and you can see hand…
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This is a little-kids sizes only tee, so it won't fit everyone. It has CG Boom art for Sonic & Tails, standing on a screen-tone-dots circular background. Tails has his wrench & goggles, while Sonic is arms-crossed. (Shine area on the side of his face is a size sticker) The top says "Awesome!" & the boom logo is over Tails' foot at the bottom. The CG is supposed to keep the look fresh, but the Tails art has already been used on a previous shirt. This is a Sears Spring 2015 item. It should be about 6.99, since it is in the little kids section.


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