• 45 inch Party Standup
    45 inch Party Standup
    This is a "Party Stand Up". It's a piece of non-essential decor...but it can really add to the party mood. It is cardboard, and operates much like a Point of Purchase or "Standee" display you'll often see in stores. (die cut, character only, stands on its own) The base has…
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This black tee has had some thought put into the design. The CG characters are within and overlapping the CG jungle scene behind them. The background to everything is worn blue horizontal stripes. The scene spills out of the 'photo like' off-center square and onto the background. Sonic and Knuckles are standing, while Tails is flying out from the sky area. The Boom logo is rather large at the bottom. This is a boys/teens size shirt in fall 2015, but where can you buy it?


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