• SegaShop Froggy Shirt
    SegaShop Froggy Shirt
    Here's a green tee starring...Froggy?Big the Cat's pet frog most known for accidentally eating a chaos emerald in Sonic Adventure 1 gets a solo shirt, against most of the odds here.The light green tee has a large red shaded heart, and in the middle of the heart is a large…
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This mottled gray tee somewhat resembles the UK promo item tee seen above. It's got Sonic using the blue enerbeam at the front, Knuckles following behind, and Tails flying in at the top. The background is a CG tropical scene from the game with plam trees and building. It says "Sonic Boom" in the bottom corner, in a thick font, but not like the logo. Notice that the 'photo' background does not have a border, unlike the promo tee. This is a good alternative, with a similar design, but less characters. This is a boys/teens size shirt in fall 2015, but where can you buy it?


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