• Two SegaShop US Sonic Christmas ornaments
    Two SegaShop US Sonic Christmas ornaments
    2019 brings TWO Sonic Christmas ornaments!Make your tree cooler, when you hang these festive resin ornaments from the branches. The left ornament features classic Sonic in a new pose. He's wearing a Santa hat, and is shown carrying a red & green wrapped gift in one hand while walking &…
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Here's a 3 portraits tee with Sonic, Tails & Knuckles.
The tee is a little kids size in dark red. (You can kind of tell by the proportions of the sleeves/body) 3 black 'swipes' of paint are used, and inside each one is the CG character portrait. The logo is moderatly sized at the bottom right. The swipe effect is nice, keeping the same CG from getting stale looking. This shirt appears in summer 2015, but where is it sold & what company made it?


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