• Sonic 2 pocket watch
    Sonic 2 pocket watch
    Now here's something you DONT want to see!A bad break caused by...An item that's actually defective. This is a Sonic watch (probably a Walmart one--judging by the band, you can see another on page 2 that uses this band style) where the crystal (glass that goes over the face) has…
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The second long sleeved item to appear for Boom is in stores fall 2015 with this double-type tee. It's a dark red tee with long black sleeves under the short sleeves for faux layer look. It has the Boom logo large at the top, with Sonic, Knuckles & Tails (all CG) below. A yellow stylish triangle fits in as the background, sort of echoing the way the characters are positioned and posed. This is a kids to teens size, but where is it sold?


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