• Sega Shop Sonic Water Bottle
    Sega Shop Sonic Water Bottle
    Here's another Sega Shop 22 dollar bottle.It's another with metal and heat-melted-on tough white coating for the exterior. This time, the design is the one they call "Colorless Motion" where it's all black on white. It has a Sonic line art (white) filled with only black & a scramble of…
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A slogan tee with "It's Boom Time!!!" written in big green font was released in fall of 2015. It's either black or quite a dark navy blue short sleeve tee. This is a kids/teens size item. The square contains a CG background from the show and you can see hand on hip Sonic, ready standing Knuckles & winking Tails (though he is a bit small and sort of in the background) The Boom logo sits at the bottom right corner. Is "Boom Time" watching the show?
Where was this tee sold?


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